Recovery Shoes with OOFOS

1) What are recovery Shoes?

Recovery Shoes OOFOS 😊
Salsa Dancing in 3 Inch heels

Recovery after exercise is one of the most important factors of your training. Whatever your sport is or even just long days at work standing, your feet are begging for recovery. When you run – there is an increase of up to  7-8 times your body weight that your feet and ankles are dealing with, therefore – your feet need recovery!

Your feet need to relax right after strenuous activity. Although rest is the most important factor of recovery, it helps to have something to change into immediately after your sport. It is important to have your feet be able to breathe and your toes stretch!

There are many companies that make recovery shoes and it’s important to try them out. Remember, no two feet are the same, not even your own two feet.

At Flex Foot and Ankle PLLC, Dr. Pérez is an athlete. She is a runner, tennis player and salsa dancer (in 3 inch heels). Currently she is part of a team at Yamulee Dance Company and is also training for the NYC marathon. Immediately after she is done exercising or long days in the OR, she switches to her recovery shoes – OOFOS

2) What do you need / want in a recovery shoe

It is important to have certain modifications in your recovery shoes.

Dr. Perez recommends:

  • Arch Support – this will depend on your foot type – a foot whose arch drops significantly will benefit from this type the most. Recovery shoes will never take the place of a well made orthotic but will help you in the immediate phase after exercise.
  • Large toe box: give your tired feet enough room for your toes to stretch.
  • The OOfoam technology from OOFOS
    Studies have shown that OOFOS absorb 37% more impact force than traditional foot wear and they also provide stability which other recovery shoes don’t provide leaving you unstable. When the OOfoam is paired with the arch support it reduces 47% of energy exertion through the ankles.

3) Are recovery shoes worth it?  

During exercise you feet and ankles can absorb up to 7-8 % of your body weight. For that reason alone, you should always change to recovery shoes immediately after to allow your feet to relax and breath. Nothing of course compares to resting, good nutrition and stretching, but with recovery shoes you can start the process immediately after your activity.

4) Where can you buy recovery shoes?  

Dr. Perez recommends OOFOS and you can check them out and purchase following this link:

5) Recovery shoes in the news!

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It is important to get your feet checked out. Your feet are your foundation!

Make sure you make an appointment with foot and ankle specialist Dr. Perez!